PosiSeal® is a colourless, penetrating product which waterproofs and preserves by causing a chemical reaction in masonry that solidifies all the component parts into once solid mass. It is not a surface coating and will in no way change the physical aspects of the present structure. It performs its service within the pores of the masonry itself. It need only be applied once, as it is permanent.

PosiSeal® is a water proof silicon sealant product made specifically for concrete to solve the damaging problems caused by water, acid, oil, juice, dirt, and reactive aggregates. PosiSeal® stops problems resulting from dusting, algae formation, soft concrete, or simple efflorescence (ordinary concrete disintegration).

DegreaseAll is an “enzyme-like” de-greaser that when sprayed on a floor, penetrates the pores, eats the grease and keeps it clean.  DegreaseALL is the most effective cleaner on the market and rinses better than all other cleaners.

What is Posi Grip Anti Slip Treatment?
Posi Grip Anti Slip Treatment
is a transparent anti slip solution, which has a very low odour that can be applied to a variety of surfaces radically improving the slip resistance when wet.

The HSE states "Floors need to have enough grips for pedestrians to walk safely, but what does this mean? Grip is measured as 'Coefficient of Friction'. For safe pedestrian walking on the level this should be 0.36 or higher." It also says "it's no good testing a clean and dry floor then expecting it to be slip resistant in the wet."

The workplace regulations 1992 requires floor surfaces to not expose any person to a safety risk.

Posi Grip Anti Slip Treatment reduces the risk and dangers of slips and falls and the resultant potential of personal injury. Health and Safety Executive figures show that 130,118 non-fatal slip/trip/fall accidents occurred.

Fast food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, shopping centers, supermarkets, office buildings, Kitchens, wash rooms, banks, hospitals, hotels, sports centers, pools and spas, country clubs, schools and colleges are just a selection of facilities that would benefit from Posi Grip Anti Slip Treatment.

Posi Grip Anti Slip Treatment solution can be used on most types of hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, marble, stone, concrete and enamel baths and showers trays.