Anti Slip treatment

Safe Grip

Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment is designed to increase the coefficient of friction on a variety of flooring materials, for example tiles or Terrazzo, bath tubs and shower trays by creating micro pores in the surface which create a vacuum effect when walked on in a wet condition and thereby considerably improving the traction and seriously reducing the risk of slipping.

Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment will create micro pores in natural materials and manufactured products that are a fusion of materials bound with cement or clay including concrete, quarry tiles, ceramic, marble, terrazzo, granite, slate, stone, porcelain and enamel finished bath tubs and shower trays.  Resulting in your foot will no longer slip out under you thereby giving a firm foot on wet surfaces.

There is no significant change in the appearance of many types of surfaces treated with Safe Grip and it is not a coating that can wear down or peel off. It is a treatment process that reacts with the material itself to produce an invisible and lasting effect.

A Safe Grip treated surface is a safer surface to walk on when wet

Wet floor surfaces are a serious risk to health and safety, injuries caused through slips and falls are very common when such conditions exist.

Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment is both easy and safe to apply and typically 60 to 100m per hour can be achieved by an individual worker, bath tubs and shower trays usually take no more than 10 minutes.

Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment should be applied following the removal of sealers and grease to enhance the effective ness of the treatment. The surface to receive the treatment must be thoroughly clean and dry.

We believe Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment is one of the most user and environmentally friendly products of its type on the market.

Once treated with Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment areas such as bath tubs and shower trays and lightly trafficked areas will have an effective slip resistance for at least 3 years while areas subjected to heavy or regular high usage should have an effective life of 2 years.

Maintain the anti-slip performance by regularly cleaning with good cleaning products.

Safe Grip anti slip treatment can be used in :

  • Swimming pools







  • Sports CENTERS



  • Toilets

  • Kitchens

  • Fast food outlets

  • Restaurants

  • shopping centers

  • supermarkets

  • office

  • buildings

  • banks

  • pools and spas

  • country clubs

  • schools and colleges

These are just a few selection of facilities that would benefit from Safe Grip Anti-Slip treatment.

Safe Kleen

We recommend Safe Kleen Multipurpose Cleaner, which has been specially formulated to keep a Safe Grip treated surface at its optimum level of performance.

Do not apply wax based polishes or emulsions to surfaces treated with the Safe Grip anti-slip solution as this will have the effect of filling the micro pores created by the treatment. The appearance of a Safe Grip treated surface can be enhanced by dry buffing to bring up a shine.