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It’s our pleasure to introduce our Company as the leading providers of Bird Control Solutions to the Middle East Region. Established in 1986, we have solved Bird Problems in more than 5000 projects. We are equipped with the state of the art equipments, design, installation and a strict quality control team with constant upgrading our equipments and technology from our principles.

We are engaged in the Installation of Various Bird Control Equipments on varied fields ranging from Industrial and Logistic Ware Houses, Petrol Station, Oil refineries, Oil rigs, Multi National Facilities, Villa’s, Flats, Royal Palaces, Silos, Oil Storage tanks, local and federal multi story buildings just to name a few. Our Installations are guaranteed upto 10years against material and workmanship, but our installations have stood up with time and the harsh weather conditions in the Gulf and we have not repaired or replaced the installations we had done more than 15 years before.

We are Authorized resellers & certified Installers for American, British and European Manufacturers. All our Equipments and Hardware are of American, British and European Origin


We guarantee our Bird Control Products Installations for up to 10 years against material and workmanship (Depending on the Site), but our installations have stood up with time and the harsh weather conditions in the Gulf and we have not repaired or replaced the installations we had done more than 15 years before.

Products we use in our Installations are Stealth Bird net, Stainless Steel Spike, Gutter point, Daddi Long Legs, Bird Coil, Bird Shock, Bird wire, Hotfoot Gel, Bird fence and grid wire with Stainless Steel Hardware and GI hardware.

We have our Business focus in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. And we sell our products in CIS countries as well where we have associates who act as our Installers under our Guidelines.

To end up our introduction we proudly say we have the expertise to solve any kind of bird problems and we have Many satisfied customers around us we treasure our customers and at their service to bring them peace of mind from the birds.

Why Solve Bird Problems ?

Feral pigeons are responsible for untold millions of dollars of damage each year in urban areas. The uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive. Also, debris from roosting flocks can build up, backing up gutters and drains thus causing damage to roofs and other structures. Extensive damage to air conditioning units and other roof top machinery is commonplace. There are also other economic costs that can be associated from pigeon is taking up residence such as slip and fall liability and projection of an unclean, dirty company image. Besides physical damage, the bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites found in pigeon droppings sometimes represent a health risk.

There are a wide variety of solutions available for handling a pigeon infestation. The best solution for pigeon problems, is complete exclusion with a 2" mesh StealthNet. Many ledge problems can be solved by using products such as BirdCoil, Birdwire, Bird spikes, as well as Bird-Shock electrical track. When bird pressure is heavy in an area, exclusion work must be accompanied by flock dispersal methods like trapping or use of moving predator effigies like the Rotating Screech Owl. Flock dispersal alone is not a long term solution especially in medium-heavy pressure situations like when there are food/water/shelter sources at the site.

Nest building is very simple and often consists of a few stiff twigs. The male will pick the site. They prefer small flat areas away from the ground. Look for nests along building ledges, bridge supports, air conditioning units, window sills and the like. In crowded flocks, pigeons will even forgo nest building and lay eggs directly on a protected ledge.

Pigeons are monogamous and a mating pair will typically have three or four broods a year. The female will usually lay two or sometimes three eggs at a time. The eggs are a solid bright white color. The eggs take roughly 18 days to hatch and 35 more days before the fledglings leave the nest.

Pigeons are not migratory. Their natural instinct is to stay near their birth site. This trait gives the pigeon a very determined personality when it comes to roosting at a particular site, much to the dismay of the inexperienced pest control technician. The daily cycle of a pigeon is to roost at night, feed in the morning and loaf in the afternoon. The seasonal cycle is as follows; courtship in the early winter, nest building in late winter and breeding in the spring. However, in warm climates, breeding will occur year round. Pigeons molt once a year in late summer.

Most people fail to realize that bird droppings and nests are not only an annoyance, they also damage buildings, machinery, paint finishes and even neon signs.

Birds and their droppings can spread more than 60 serious diseases to humans and pets. Learn more about whether you should be worried or not.

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